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Studying and working at Bar Ilan University
Meet our faculty – Dr. Emanuele Dalla Torre
Meet our faculty – homepage
Contact information for foreign students (in Italian)
Italy-Israel Meeting on Non-Equilibrium Physics, Bar-Ilan University (April 11-13, 2016)
OnLine Lectures in Physics at Bar-Ilan University
Instructions for Submitting Academic Papers

Emanuele’s academic ancestors
Prof. Ehud Altman (Weizmann)
Prof. Assa Auerbach (Technion)
Prof. Steven A. Kivelson (Stanford)

Research groups at Harvard
Eugene Demler
Bert Halperin
Misha Lukin
Subir Sachdev

Conferences and Schools in Physics
Les Houches
Gordon Conference
Technion excellence program
Israeli Academy – Adams fellowship

APS’s Physics homepage – localtime
Kronig-Penney by E. Dalla Torre
Honest reporting
Unicode Character Converter
Unit Converter
Unit conversion (Rice University)

“Baruch Dayan Haemet”
in Memoriam of Emanuele’s mother
NORA Laura Ida bat Lia Lancieri in Dalla Torre