Principal Investigator

Emanuele G. Dalla Torre (עמנואל דלה טורה)


Atanu Rajak


Graduate Students

matityahuMatityahu Aharonian (מתי אהרוניאן)
Master Student

david (1)David Denstelski (דוד דנטלסקי)
Master Student

morMor Roses (מור רוזס)
Master Student

anonymous (1)
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Summer Students
  • Yuval Tamir(2017)
  • Viktor Rilsky (2016)
  • Hamuda Fatima (2015)
  • Tomer Bar On (2015)
  • Jonathan Karp (2015, Yeshiva University)
  • Shoumi Roy (2014, Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai)


Former Members

angeloAngelo Russomanno
Post-doc 2014-2015
Current position: Post-doc at ICTP, Tireste and SNS, Pisa

Rajeev Singh
Post-doc 2015-2016. Supported by the CMT Fellowship
Current position: Indian Institute of Technology